2 Step Authentication IOS

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Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to the authentication process by making it more difficult for attackers to access your devices or online accounts because, even if the password is compromised, they won’t be able to pass the check without authentication.

To activate the 2-step authentication of your OBDeleven account, follow the steps below:

Also various other or specialist services

Like car diagnostic software for your laptop

Open the Profile by tapping

Start the activation of the 2-step authentication via

  • You will need to install Authy, Google Authenticator, or another trusted app to generate an authentication code.

  • In this case, we’ll use Google Authenticator.

  • Install the application and proceed via the OBDeleven app by tapping on

  • Copy the code by tapping

    It will be copied to your clipboard.

  • Continue via

  • Open the Google Authenticator app you just installed.

  • In the highlighted field

    Enter your account name (you can use any name you want) and paste the code from the OBDeleven app

  • Add the account by tapping

  • If you enter the code and click continue, the Authenticator app will generate a 6-digit code every 60 seconds.

  • Enter the code generated by the authenticator app.

  • Confirm by tapping

  • Save your backup code in case the authentication code doesn’t work and continue with

  • End the setup by tapping

An example of using 2-factor authentication when logging into your account:

Enter your email and password and tap

  • Enter the code generated by the authenticator app and tap

  • If that doesn’t work, you can use your backup code via