Revive Turbo Cleaner

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If you want to clean a turbo without dismantling, we at DiagnosES in Winsum recommend the Revive Turbo Cleaner. This product is a safe, water-based liquid. As a result, the product is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable. The product is sprayed into the vehicle’s intake system while the engine is running. As the Revive fluid circulates through the engine, it adheres to oil/carbon deposits and breaks away a surface layer. The fluid is suitable for cleaning a petrol or diesel turbo without dismantling.

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The effect of this Diesel Turbo Cleaner

A Land Rover specialist treated©©one side of the dual EGR system of a Range Rover TDV8 with Revive. Two tubes were dismantled to investigate the effect of this. See the result here:

Cleaning result on a VW Golf V 2.0 TDI with 235,000 km on the odometer:


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Are you looking for a way to clean a car’s turbo without dismantling? Then go for the turbo cleaner, or diesel turbo cleaner, from Revive. You benefit from a high-quality product that ensures thorough cleaning. Do you have any questions about cleaning a turbocharger without dismantling? Or would you like advice on which turbo cleaner you need for diesel or petrol? Please contact our specialists. Also take a look at our offer online for, for example, Autocom ICONsoftware and other reading software. For more information about this diesel turbo cleaner, visit You can order this turbo cleaner via our webshop.