Magneti Marelli security pass

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As of the second half of 2017, Fiat Chrysler has installed a Security Gateway System in almost all vehicles. As a result, these vehicles can no longer be read. In order to be able to offer workshops complete diagnostics, Magneti Marelli has developed the Security Pass system, which also works smoothly with other testers.

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The Security Pass is available on request!

The Security Pass can unlock the SGW-ECU, providing access to all necessary diagnostic data and communication with all ECUs ™in the vehicle.
As a result, functions such as reading and clearing the error code memory, making changes to system settings, activating additional functions and service interval reset are possible in the tester. The workshop must register on the FCA service website ( and take out a user subscription. The costs are currently one©©euro for 24 hours.
In this way, security certificates are exchanged over the Internet, allowing full access.

The Magneti Marelli Security Pass system can be used with most other diagnostic devices, provided they support the following models. It is therefore not necessary to purchase a new device.

To diagnose the vehicle, the Security Pass is connected to the vehicle and connected to a PC or laptop via a USB connection. A supplied Y-cable ensures the connection to a diagnostic tester and thus the implementation of all available functions. Once the internet connection is active and the FCA service site has been visited, the SGW system can be unlocked. The tester can then carry out a complete diagnosis as usual.

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