ADAS for Truck Calibration

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, are increasingly used for truck calibration these days. You can find these systems at DiagnoSES from Winsum.

Some examples of technologies used when calibrating a truck with ADAS:

ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control – Automatically adjusts the distance to a vehicle in front by means of cog or laser detection.
AEB – Autonomous Emergency Braking – Prevents a collision with a vehicle in front by means of an emergency braking system
LDWS – Lane Departure Warning System – Monitors road markings through a camera and issues a warning if they are deviated from.
PDS – Pedestrian Detection System – Detects pedestrians through a camera in front and behind the vehicle.
TLR – Traffic Light Recognition – Traffic lights are analysed.
BSD – Blind Spot Detection – Gives a warning by sound or optically if something is within the blind spot.

If the windscreen is replaced, fault codes are stored regarding truck calibration, the camera is replaced or changes are made to the chassis, camera and/or radar calibration will need to be performed with ADAS.

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Truck calibration software based on ADAS

For a number of car brands, calibrating cameras and/or radars of trucks has to be done dynamically based on ADAS diagnostic software. That is, a procedure must be started with the Autocom software and then a trip is made. These brands are:

Iveco (truck and bus)
Mercedes Benz (truck and bus)
The software for dynamic calibration of a truck with ADAS is supplied as standard with the CDP+ system.

For the following brands, you need to perform calibration using a frame and calibration boards:

MAN (truck and bus)
Renault (truck and bus)
Volkswagen Crafter
The frame is constructed in such a way that one can work with it quickly: calibration in just 10-15 minutes.

Click here for a leaflet on the ADAS system for CDP+ Trucks.

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The frame of a truck and bus is constructed in such a way that one can work with it quickly: calibration in just ten to 15 minutes. View the ADAS system leaflet for calibration of CDP+ trucks. Also read more about ADAS calibration of cars. Still have questions? You can reach our automotive diagnostic software specialists at DiagnosES by sending an e-mail or by filling in the contact form.