Autocom AIR with OBFCM

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The Autocom AIR is a unique cloud-based solution that allows you to turn a smartphone or tablet (Android) into an EOBD & OBFCM scanning tool for APK2.

If you already own an Autocom ICON, this is the ideal solution for you:

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This new generation of EOBD (European On Board Diagnostics) scanning software meets the new APK2 requirements. In addition to performing the readiness test, it is also equipped with OBFCM (On Board Fuel Consumption Monitoring) software, including automatic reporting to the RDW. The OBFCM software reads the chassis number, mileage and total fuel/energy consumption and sends this data fully automatically to the RDW.

From 20 May 2023, OBFCM will be part of the new European legislation and is therefore part of the new MOT regulations. From 1 January 2024, MOT approval holders will be required to read this.

The Autocom AIR App is very user-friendly: you can read the vehicle simply and quickly by means of your ICON interface, the software then communicates wirelessly with the vehicle.


  • Cloud-based app for smartphone/tablet/laptop (Android)
  • Communication with vehicle via Bluetooth (Autocom ICON interface)
  • Wide Vehicle Coverage
  • Online Updates
  • Approved for APK2

Currently, the web application is only available for Android devices.

Supported features:

  • Reading EOBD and OBFCM (including reporting to RDW)
  • Full Vehicle Scan: Read and Clear Error Codes
  • Live data

Standard scope of delivery:

  • Cloud application Autocom AIR (downloadable from the Google Play store)
  • 1 Year Software License EOBD and OBFCM

The Autocom APK2 EOBD reader AIR comes with 1 year of EOBD and OBFCM software. You can©©download online updates for one year.