Lifetime warranty on the Autocom CDP+ and ICON

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Autocom Diagnostic Partner AB provides a lifetime warranty for the CDP hardware and ensures that each tester continues to operate properly throughout its lifecycle with a valid user license. If, in Autocom’s opinion, the tester malfunctions during the warranty period, Autocom will repair or replace it at no cost, provided that the tester has not been subjected to abuse, accident, disaster, or modification or repair not authorized by Autocom.

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Duration of the hardware warranty: As long as the user has one of the following valid licenses and has been fulfilled: Cars or Trucks user©©license. The user license is linked to one©©specific tester with a unique serial number and is registered in the Autocom license database. All warranty claims are checked and compared to the database.

The Autocom lifetime warranty is defined by the duration of the product to be repaired: the period during which all components are available.
If the product cannot be repaired, Autocom has the right to replace the product with an equivalent product or to revoke the lifetime warranty if replacement is not possible.

NOTE: In no event shall Autocom Diagnostic Partner AB be liable for any damages, including loss of profits, loss of savings or other incidental damages arising out of the use of, or inability to use, this product.
*In addition to the Autocom CDP, this warranty also applies to the Opus CMT.