Autocom trade-in promotion

07 February 2024

Do you have an original or clone of a Delphi diagnosis with outdated software? You can exchange this with us for a new Autocom ICON Cars with©twelve months software license and SGW access. In cooperation with Autocom Sweden, DiagnosES has set up a trade-in promotion. There are many users of (non-original) Autocom CDP Pro, CDP+, ADP or Delphi devices with outdated diagnostic software. As a result, newer cars ™cannot be read.

What exactly does this trade-in offer?

You will receive the universal Autocom ICON Cars diagnostic system including a twelve-month software license worth â’¬ 2,982,-. You have to send your old tester to us and after that you only pay â’¬ 1,985. You will benefit from several advantages:

  • You will receive an original Autocom system (instead of a Delphi) for the diagnosis of passenger cars ™and light commercial vehicles
  • The latest diagnostic software with SGW access
  • Twelve months of updating (automatically via the internet)
  • ©One year warranty
  • Support via our helpdesk

The promotion is valid until September 30, 2023, prices are excl. VAT. VAT.