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Do you have an original or clone of a Delphi diagnosis with outdated software? You can exchange this with us for a new Autocom ICON Cars with©a twelve-month software license. In cooperation with Autocom Sweden, DiagnosES has set up a trade-in promotion. There are many users of (non-original) Autocom CDP Pro, CDP+, ADP or Delphi devices with outdated diagnostic software. As a result, newer cars ™cannot be read. DiagnosES from Winsum is happy to help you!

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What exactly does this trade-in for a Delphi diagnosis entail?

Are you curious about what the trade-in for the Delphi diagnosis entails? You will receive the universal Autocom ICON Cars diagnostic system including a twelve-month software license worth â’¬ 2,982,-. You have to send your old tester to us and after that you only pay â’¬ 1,985. You will benefit from several advantages:

  • You will receive an original Autocom system (instead of a Delphi) for the diagnosis of passenger cars ™and light commercial vehicles
  • The latest diagnostic software with SGW access
  • Twelve months of updating (automatically via the internet)
  • ©One year warranty
  • Support via our helpdesk

Take advantage of our promotion

Would you like to take advantage of our promotion and exchange your Delphi for an original Autocom system? Or are you interested in our other multifunctional diagnostic equipment? Contact us by sending an e-mail or filling out the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.