Ditex CarScope Plus

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The CarScope Plus from Ditex is an affordable 4 channel automotive oscilloscope on a laptop or PC basis.

You can expand it as desired with:

  • Lancing device set for backprobing
  • Amp Pliers 60 A
  • Amp Pliers 600 A
  • Attenuator 10:1
  • Attenuator 20:1
  • Pressure pulse sensor
  • COP sensor
  • Extension cable for COP sensor
  • Pressure diagnostic set (dynamic measurement in the cylinder)

Also various other or specialist services

Like car diagnostic software for your laptop

There are several “presets†available that allow for a quick measurement. Connect and measure without setting Voltage, Trigger or time base. CarScope Plusâ is also fully capable of diagnosing primary and secondary ignitions as well as coil-on-plug systems (pin coils ™).

The LAN (Ethernet) connection to the laptop or PC does not require any specific drivers to make the scope work, making the initial setup very simple. Installation on Windows 7, 8 or 10. Future software updates are free of charge.

Electrical safety of the computer used

Ethernet RJ45 sockets are magnetically coupled and therefore the CarScope Plus and the PC are galvanically insulated. No risk of damaging the PC due to power surges!

Hardware-based trigger system

CarScope Plus has a very stable trigger system consisting of four independent hardware circuits.

Software for testing the most common electrical/electronic components

Approximately 30 pre-set components tests. You select a component and let the CarScope Plus do the setting, but you can always adjust manually.

The CarScope Plus can be ordered via our webshop.