Ditex pressure pulse sensor

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This sensor provides a fast and accurate method of diagnosing engine problems: checking the mechanical condition of the engine before using a diagnostic tool.

During normal use of an internal combustion engine, different pressure waves are produced in various systems. All engines produce such waves and their shape can be predicted. Any deviation from the pulse shape indicates a problem in the motor.

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The pressure pulse sensor detects faults such as burnt valves, bad injectors and other problems without the need to disassemble parts. To make the pressure waves visible, the electrical part is connected to the CarScope Viso or CarScope Plus oscilloscope. The screen shows the operation of valves, cylinders and injectors in real time, and by using synchronization of the first cylinder it is possible to determine which cylinder has a problem. This allows the mechanic to quickly and accurately assess the actual condition of the engine. The pressure pulse sensor does not require an external power supply.

With the pressure pulse sensor, the pressure waves can be assessed from:
• Pulsation of the exhaust gases in the exhaust
• Changes in intake manifold pressure
• Changes in diaphragm fuel pressure regulator
• Crankcase ventilation, gases, etc.

N.B. the pressure pulse sensor can only measure gases, not liquids!

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