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The Jaltest diagnostic tool is the right device to perform diagnostics on trucks, trailers, vans. Multi-brandand multi-system diagnostics with a wide coverage of electronic systems mounted on various vehicles.

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Like car diagnostic software for your laptop

The design of the software is completely self-conductive and intuitive, and offers the following capabilities:

  • Connector Information: Jaltest tells you which cable to use and where the connection is located in the vehicle.
  • Diagnosis: Displaying error codes and descriptions that are markups in each ECU. Automatic detection of the complete list of faults in the vehicle’s system.
  • Component control: Possibility to perform an actuator test in the different systems using Jaltest: such as fan activation, cylinder disconnection, compression testing and actual control of the different mechanisms, etc.
  • Values measurement: Measure and display up to 8 values at the same time. Information about the range of reference values.
  • Parameters: Configuration of various parameters.
  • System data: Information about the system configuration and ECU DATA.
  • Clearing fault codes: Clearing faults in the ECU and switching off fault lamps.

A single piece of hardware for your entire fleet

Jaltest’s diagnostic tool makes it possible to carry out diagnostics in military trucks, bulldozers, cranes and other special vehicles.

The current developments in this market, necessitate the use of the most advanced technologies.


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Market leader in multi-brand diagnostics, with the widest coverage on the market