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In odometer fraud, the odometer is disconnected, reset, or changed to manipulate the mileage displayed. ©One of the most common types of used car fraud is manipulation of the odometer reading.

What are the benefits?

Protect yourself from manipulated odometers with Autocom CARS iD. With the extensive Autocom vehicle database, you can be sure that the vehicle has not been tampered with.

With CARS iD you can perform a full scan of the vehicle and receive a complete fraud detection report. You can easily identify odometer fraud on a vehicle with this easy-to-use device.

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Like car diagnostic software for your laptop

The Autocom CARS iD fraud detection report includes:


Reading the odometer reading from various systems in the vehicle that record the odometer reading. For example: airbags, ICM and ABS.

Chassis number (VIN)

Reads the chassis number from various systems. The available systems are presented in the report. For example: CEM, ECM, RMR and SCL.

Error codes

In a simple way, you can determine the status of the vehicle from various systems. Read out all the error codes and get it on a silver platter in the fraud detection report.

CARS iD in practice

The laptop or PC with the CARS iD software installed on it is connected to the vehicle’s EOBD plug via an interface. With the help of a VIN decoder, the chassis number of the vehicle can be scanned, or entered manually.

The analysis starts by clicking on System Scan and selecting the vehicle and engine code. Now, CARS iD scans all systems present and available in the vehicle for error codes, whether the VIN numbers and systems match (and match) and odometer readings. When the scan is complete, the data is sent to the Autocom cloud and the analysis starts.

Once the analysis is complete, a fraud detection report is produced with all systems present in the vehicle, possible error codes and VINs ™and odometer readings. Deviating information from which it can be concluded that the meter reading has been manipulated is highlighted in red in the report.

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Meter fraud is prohibited in almost all 28 EU member states, but a conclusive registration is the major missing factor in most countries. Because there is no control on this, used car counters are reversed in most countries.

The odometer reading of a vehicle affects its price, safety and maintenance conditions. A car with a low odometer reading is worth more. But if you buy a vehicle with a reversed odometer, you often pay too much money and run the risk of unexpected and costly repairs.

Ten countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium, actually register the meter readings. Meter readings are not exchanged between countries. In many European countries, used car odometers are reversed, simply because they are not checked.

On 1 December 2017, 264,220 cars with illogical odometer readings were registered of the cars ™™driving around in the Netherlands, according to the Association for Tackling Odometer Fraud (VAT). This has cost Dutch consumers and businesses 396 million euros.