Autocom Guided Diagnostics

  • Tailor-made solution
  • Technical Support
  • On-site instruction

The additional extension, called guided diagnosis, is a great addition to the Autocom software. The targeted information is very valuable for the workshop because you not only get ” possible causes ” of an error code, but also ” data lists” with reference values of those parameters that are related to the error code. Autocom has also collected some tips and tricksfor that error code that are based on actual problems and solutions.

You can now stop searching for information on how to repair a vehicle. Guided diagnosis helps you find the most likely cause of an error code, how serious the damage is, and how to fix the problem. Repair the vehicle faster and easier with almost unlimited vehicle data and information about fault codes.

Also various other or specialist services

Like car diagnostic software for your laptop


Possible Causes gives you the most likely cause of a particular DTC (error code), in the correct order of the most common failure.


Including reference values for the relevant parameters related to the specific DTC (error code). The reference values are displayed in different situations of the system, e.g. for idle speed and increased speed.


Tips and tricks are general know-hows for the selected system from practice for most parts of the vehicle, from brakes, airbags, central electronics, climate control, instrument cluster and, of course, engine management.

A smarter way of diagnosis

• Effective troubleshooting that saves time in the workshop
• Replace repair manuals with data directly on your screen
— Valuable information available at any time
• Reduces vehicle downtime