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The CAN Test Box (CTB) is a diagnostic device that connects to the OBDII connector of the car or truck, allowing you to quickly and easily detect electrical faults. With the Breakout Box, direct control of the ground and power supply in the OBDII connector is possible. In addition, the device identifies the communication protocol and allows you to measure data signals using a scope. DiagnosES from Winsum is happy to inform you about the operation of this device.

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How does a CAN Test Box work?

The CAN Test Box uses a number of numbered backlight LEDs that light up when a signal is detected on the corresponding pin of the OBDII connector. The pulsating LEDs of the Breakout Box give indication signals when there is a high or low level. The LEDs signal as follows:

  • LED 1/9 — 485A/485B (Factory Information)
  • LED 2/10 – Bus+ Line J1850/Bus- Line J1850
  • LED 3/8/12/13 – Future Upgrade
  • LED 4 – Chassis GND (Ground)
  • LED 5 – Signal GND (Signal)
  • LED 6/14 – CAN High of SAE J2284/CAN Low or SAE J2284
  • LED 7/15 – K Line or ISO 9141-2 and keyword 2000 485A/L Line or ISO 9141-2 and keyword 2000
  • LED 11 – Clock
  • LED 16 – Battery + (Supply voltage)
  • Pin 2 – J1850 Bus+
  • Pin 4 – Chassis Ground
  • Pin 5 – Signal Ground
  • Pin 6 – CAN High (J-2284)
  • Pin 7 – ISO 9141-2 K Line
  • Pin 10 – J1850 Bus
  • Pin 14 – CAN LOW (J-2284)
  • Pin 15 – ISO 9141-2 L Line
  • Pin 16 – Battery voltage

The applications of the CAN Test Box

With the CAN Test Box you can measure with any scope with 4-millimeter plug signals such as CAN High and CAN Low. By means of the pass-through connection on the Breakout Box, you can measure signals with your scope and at the same time read them with the softwareon your communication device. The CAN Test Box comes standard with:

  • 2.5 meter long connection cable with OBDII connector
  • Set of silicone probe test leads
  • Instructional DVD

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