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Autologic has released a procedure regarding a 2013-2015 Jaguar XF after a customer reported a problem with multiple illuminated warning lights in the instrument panel.

It was discovered that water had entered the central junction box (CJB) through a faulty pump in the windshield washer tank.

The water ran through the wiring to the CJB causing the connection pins to oxidize.

The solution to this problem is to replace the CJB, and apply a wiring repair kit and water blockage.

Once assembled, it is necessary to program the CJB.

It was also found that the programming procedure is unstable and often fails, causing the car to stop starting unless a specific procedure is followed.

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Programming procedure

  • First, copy all the car configuration data from the CJB Front Smart Junction Box (FSJB) to the Rear Smart Junction Box (RSJB), make sure they match.
  • Next, program the Keyless Vehicle Module (KVM) as an existing module so that it contains the latest software version. If you don’t want to update it at this point, replace the KVM and program it as a new one.
  • Install new CJB (FSJB).
  • Check that the battery voltage is correct before programming.
  • Use the recommended 125 A charger on the car to keep the voltage of the battery and modules at the required level; if this is not taken into account, this will result in a failed CJB programming and the car will no longer start.
  • When the charger is connected to the car, the CJB programs and performs all post-programming routines, including copying the car configuration from the RSJB, teach-in the chassis number, learning in the target identifier (security) and verifying the keys.
  • It is possible that the immobilizer reset function needs to be performed and finally re-design of the modules.