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Revive eliminates stubborn dirt from direct-injected gasoline engines

Revive has developed a cleaning fluid that easily, quickly and adequately eliminates stubborn carbon deposits in directly and indirectly injected gasoline engines. Revive Petrol is an addition to Revive Diesel.


More and more gasoline engines have direct fuel injection. The advantage of direct injection is more power, less fuel consumption and lower, less harmful emissions. A disadvantage of direct-injection gasoline engines is that they pollute faster and more than engines with conventional fuel injection systems without maintenance or preventive treatment. Due to the higher temperatures and chemical reactions during combustion, the residue becomes as hard as carbon, making it very difficult to remove.

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Like the diesel variant, Revive Gasoline is a biological and safe water-based, non-toxic or flammable environmentally friendly liquid. The patented technology in the liquid ensures that it adheres to the dirt and breaks down as small carbon particles. Due to the speed of the airflow in the engine, the dirt is loosened and carried away.

The loosened dirt particles are no larger than the engine normally produces during combustion. As a result, Revive is completely safe and does not cause any damage to the catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter. Revive Petrol is ideally suited for the effective cleaning of GDI, TFSI, TSI and THP turbo petrol engines, among others.

Cleans without dismantling

Until the arrival of Revive Petrol, producer Revive focused on the cleaning and maintenance of aircraft engines, turbines of power plants and large marine diesels. As a cohesive consequence, Revive cleaning solutions have also been available for the automotive aftermarket for some time now.

Revive saves the workshop time and the customer high costs because it is sprayed into the intake duct in front of the turbo with the engine running. No parts need to be disassembled, only the intake air hose needs to be detached. The cleaning process consists of three doses. Through this procedure, the dirt is removed gradually and safely. The cleaning process, including an extensive test drive, takes a maximum of one©©hour. So, in principle, the customer can wait for it.

Revive help car quickly through MOT

Revive Petrol and Diesel make the difference between rejection and approval during the MOT. Dirty engines that are cleaned with Revive have exhaust emissions and fuel consumption restored to the original new values of the car manufacturer immediately after cleaning. Thanks to Revive, there is no longer any need to replace expensive parts such as the turbo.
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To keep car engines clean after cleaning, Revive recommends regular preventive use of Service Shot. Revive Service Shot prevents debris build-up in the engine. A cleaning with Revive Service Shot during a service is enough to keep a car engine in good condition.

Features Revive Gasoline Engine Cleaning Fluid

● Fast, effective and sustainable
● Easy to use
● Cleans variable turbo™ ™
● Restores consumption, power and emissions
● Aircraft Technology
● Environmentally friendly

Revive is available through the local wholesaler or via the DiagnosES webshop.