Foxwell BT705 Battery Tester

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Are you looking for a battery tester for your car? The Foxwell BT705 battery tester from DiagnosES from Winsum is a car diagnostic tool for 6 and 12 volt batteries ™or 12 and 24 volt starting and charging systems for the car. The BT705 is a fast, easy-to-use and affordable solution for the technician to test batteries ™and detect faults in starting and charging systems. That’s why you’ll also find this battery tester for a car in our range.

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The features of the Foxwell BT715 battery tester for a car

Are you curious about the properties of this battery tester from Foxwell for the car? The FoxwellBT715 battery tester for a car is of high quality and is one of a kind. The difference with other testers lies in the following properties:

  • Supported batteries ™: 12 Volt lead/acid, AGM straight plates, AGM spiral plates and gel; 12 & 24 Volt starting and charging systems;
  • Test range: 100 – 2,000 CCA;
  • Test standards: CCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE;
  • Test the battery in a safe way in the car, no need to disassemble it;
  • Detects shorted cells;
  • Fast and accurate test in 3 seconds;
  • Advanced test of 12 and 24 Volt starting and charging systems;
  • Automatic temperature compensation;
  • Ripple tension test;
  • Easy to use menu-driven due to Dutch texts in a bright 2.8-inch backlit display;
  • Practical: cable length of 2 meters;

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Are you interested in the Foxwell BT715 battery tester for a car or are you curious about our other diagnostic equipment? For example, you can also use a “CAN Test Box” with us or would you rather go for the Drewtech pass-thru tool? Take a look at our offer or contact usby sending an e-mail to info@diagnoses.bizor call 0595-854444. Our specialists in Winsum, near Groningen, will be happy to help you!

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